This is the best definition of “political correctness” I have ever read.

From Tommy Christopher at Newshounds:

Political correctness is really just about being polite. Call it “Polite-ical Correctness™,” if you will. Yes, it can be confusing for an older white guy to understand why a woman doesn’t appreciate being praised for her “sugar tits,” because we have no way of knowing what that feels like: we just know we mean it in the nicest possible way. The thing is, we don’t have to understand why she doesn’t appreciate it: we just have to understand that she doesn’t appreciate it.

If someone expresses a preference not to hear your hilarious “wop” joke, the polite thing to do is not to tell it. That’s pretty simple. You’re still free to tell it (as long as you’re not at work), but then you might not get such a polite reaction.

This isn’t “tyranny” any more than  “forcing” you to take a dump in a “colonically correct” special room in the house. It’s just good manners not to shit in the middle of the floor.

4 Comments on “This is the best definition of “political correctness” I have ever read.”

  1. tamyrad says:

    they have a point, but the problem I have with political correctness is when they try to act like we don;t all defecate and that calling it feces somehow makes it better. One can be too polite.

    • scottmac56 says:

      I guess it depends on why one is being polite. It can be for good reasons (to put people at ease, be respectful) or not (to be cynical and make people uncomfortable). Even politeness can be used for crummy purposes.

      • tamyrad says:

        I was watching bill Maher’s Politically incorrect when he made the remarks that lost him that show, he knew he’d made a fatal error, but he was right about what he said, He just should have been a tiny bit more careful. Still it truly reeks when people are condemned for saying things that need to be said and it is also sad when people are condemned for saying what thousands or more have said with out retribution. Sometimes the punishment does not fit the crime. Freedom of speech is being eroded too much lately, at least that is how I feel. Sometimes I am truly frightened by where we seem to be going. But then I watch South Park and I have hope.

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