“I can’t believe we’re singing a song about a dead horse… in a ZOO.”

About a year and a half ago I wrote these words:

“And if you ever get a chance to see Great Big Sea in person: wake the kids, phone the neighbors, hock the jewelry. You will not regret it.”

So this morning I took my own advice. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Went online. Sold out concert; are there ANY tickets left? Yes, just a few scattered single seats. Done. Here’s my plastic. So a two-plus-hour drive from my office, and there I was:

Watching Great Big Sea at the Minnesota Zoo.

What a show, what an amazing show. It’s one in the morning, I have to be at work in seven hours, and I’m still amped up.

And yes, they sang one of the two songs in their repertoire (“Concerning Charlie Horse”) about dead horses.

I’ve now seen the b’ys in concert three times. They never fail to amaze. I’ll see them thirty more times if I can. (Photos by me.)

IMG_20130708_202750_584 IMG_20130708_205928_299 IMG_20130708_201631_404 IMG_20130708_212015_908IMG_20130708_193743_290

2 Comments on ““I can’t believe we’re singing a song about a dead horse… in a ZOO.””

  1. When Lily and I saw them at St Catherines on St Pattys, the crowd stood for the whole show! I am jealous! Will anxiously await their next appearance.

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