“Admiral… there be whales here!”

Image from capebretonwhalewatching.com

Image from oshan.ca

Both times I’ve gone to Cape Breton I’ve hoped to go on a whale-watching tour. But both times I (quite literally) missed the boat. It’s been a combination of newbie status, ineffective planning, and being in general vacay mindset.

But not this time. On Wednesday morning, October 16th, with the help of the fine folks at Oshan Whale Watch, I’ll be watching whales.

Image from aspybay.ca

I am psyched up about this. Not a lot of whales in the 10,000 Lakes of Minnesota.

Bay St. Lawrence is almost the northernmost point of Cape Breton. I’ve driven the entire Cabot Trail a few times (on the adjoining map), but never strayed off the beaten path. The farthest north I got was the town of Cape North. Now I’ll get to go further.

Whale-watching. w00t!

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