Syria, summed up.

A very insightful writer named Carl Whitehead posted this at Democratic Underground this morning. I tweaked it just a bit for context. It sums up the Syria situation better than I ever could:

After the eight miserable, misbegotten, god-forsaken years that was the Bush Presidency, we now have a leader who I believe tries his damndest to do what is right and just (in this case, at least).

And in the course of trying to gain a credible coalition of domestic and foreign support for his actions he has listened to the voices of every faction, both for and against his proposition; and has decided to give diplomacy more time to gain the objectives he seeks, because he saw so many are against a military solution, A very intelligent, articulate, considerate, and caring individual that so many on the left are now condemning as some kind of war-mongering scoundrel, foaming at the mouth to bomb somebody just for the hell of it.

I shudder to think of what might be happening right now were we to have a certain insanely wealthy venture capitalist in the White House and whether that individual would consider the will of the people, the approval of Congress, or international accord.

I know where I stand. I’m with the man who spoke to the people that elected him to be their President, who listened to those people and the world at large, and decided to give cooler heads another chance to take away another dictator’s ability to use chemical weapons on the field of war.

If I didn’t believe this man to be sincere, I would not hold this position.

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