Song of the night: “You Pushed My Head Away” by Ted Hawkins (1985)

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My friend Bill Sammon at his fantastic blog Kool Kovers wrote the perfect, definitive tribute to Ted Hawkins. There’s nothing I can add to it. I’ll just say that the moment I first heard “Happy Hour” in 1985 I became a fan of Mr. Hawkins.

This song features exceptional guitar work by Robert Cray, billed as Night Train Clemons. The song would have been stellar with just Hawkins and his guitar; with Cray it becomes sensational, world-class.

And I don’t know many other songs about.. about.. this particular deed, but this one is truer to our experiences than most men care to admit. Think of George Costanza on “Seinfeld” when he lamented getting “the tap.”

It’s a lot of work, becoming a cunning linguist.

2 Comments on “Song of the night: “You Pushed My Head Away” by Ted Hawkins (1985)”

  1. AnnMcK says:

    Love love love this record.

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