GOP Congressman on Government shutdown: “This is my idea of fun.”

David Schweikert - Sen. McCain Attends Arizona Republicans Election Night Party

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Reblogged from the always astute and observant Mr. Blunt and Cranky.

The very last thing said during the interview with Congressional Republican David Schweiekert was him saying, “This is my idea of fun.” Listen to him for yourself, get it right from the horse’s ass. (You can click on the audio from NPR on Mr. B & C’s blog.)

That is everything you need to know, peeps. Millions of people out of work, government services taken away, billions of dollars added to the national debt…this, to Republicans, is considered “fun.” It is amusing to them, no doubt, because they will not suffer the consequences of their actions: their salaries and health care will not be cut, and they will continue to live high on the hog, their porcine snouts buried in the public trough.

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