Re-rockin’ the 902: Whale watching

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Our good ship and true - The Oshan

Our good ship and true – The Oshan

Started out early this morning from Cape St. Lawrence, the northernmost town in Cape Breton. We went around Aspy Bay and ended up at Cape North before heading back.

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044026They’re faster than I thought, these pilot whales. They’d pop up out of the water and by the time I got my point’n’click Target digital camera in position – – they were gone again.

So these aren’t the National Geographic pics I thought I’d have.080082084086073077088089

The captain said that a humpback whale had been reported in the area too. I’m sure he was telling the truth, and it really got our hopes up.


My new dream home.

The rest of the trip more than made up for it.  My jacket and my shirt smell like salt water now. I want to keep that on as long as I can.

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