Re-rockin’ the 902: Big Spruce Brewing

Big Spruce Brewing is a very cool microbrewery in Cape Breton. Just south of Baddeck in an area called Nyanza. I’ve already mentioned their brews: they make an Oatmeal Stout and a Pale Ale that they serve at the Festival Club. Quite excellent and certified organic, by the way. (‘Cause you know that’s how I roll.)

Image from Big Spruce Brewing
Other pics from me

IMG_1110The guys were kind enough to let me nose around and take some pics. And I got a sample of their IPA which is a definite hop bomb.

My friend Leah Noble blogged about them here.

Like most things Cape Breton, the beers are crafted with care and attention and enthusiasm and a respect for tradition. I see that these brews have become available not only across the island but across Nova Scotia too. Very nice guys, very kind to spend a little time with a home brewing fanboy “from away.” I assured them that I am doing my part to appreciate their products while I’m here.

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