Tumbled onto another great blog.

FireShot Screen Capture #006 - 'The One Ingredient Necessary forI’ve lucked onto a couple of excellent blogs in the past week or so. This is another: Raptitude.

David Cain is a writer in Winnipeg with an excellent insight into the challenges of trying to live nobly and thoughtfully in the modern world. Many of his articles are enlightening, but one that spoke to me in particular is called “The One Ingredient Necessary For Accepting Yourself.”

Some excerpts:

You can’t just decide to suddenly feel good about yourself. It won’t work. I can see now the mistake people make in trying to love themselves, it’s exactly what I did. They confuse self-love with how they feel about themselves. They want the warm, comfortable feeling of being loved. They are focused on receiving love from themselves, rather than giving it.

If you have trouble loving yourself, know this: Love is action.

Self-love is not how you feel about yourself. It’s what you do for yourself. You can only love yourself by doing, not thinking. Execute feats of love, feats of respect, for your own benefit.

Do work you love. Even if you make less money. Even if you disappoint others. Working a job for which you have no passion is betraying yourself, for eight hours a day. Nobody can love themselves while they subject themselves to forty hours of uninspiring work every week.

If it isn’t practical to leave your current line of work just yet, start planning your escape now. That’s love.

Do not resign a third of your life to someone else’s purpose. Dignity is worth any pay cut. If you don’t like your job, you are only getting better at being resentful.

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