Final thoughts on “Duck Dynasty”

A great quote from Democratic Underground today.

What I learned from the Duck Dynasty story:

If you are conservative, there is nothing you can say that will have repercussions. We’ve seen that already with the likes of Limbaugh, Beck, Palin, et al. But now we see that it even works for a minor reality-TV “celebrity.”

And if you claim that your hateful words come from the Bible, you are praised for your forthright values.

On the other hand: if you are liberal, and you choose a poor way to castigate a certain former half-governor for saying something truly idiotic, you are done. – Ed Hopper

ADD: As a commenter noted further down on that DU thread, people expect liberals to have values and morals. So there are consequences when those are breached.

On the other hand, people expect conservatives to yell about values and morals, but no one expects them to have them.

One Comment on “Final thoughts on “Duck Dynasty””

  1. tamyrad says:

    I read a post on FB the other day that had an interesting take on Robertson’s statement, he compared Homosexualiy to beastiality, but he makes his living selling a device to trick ducks into thinking the user is another duck that wants to , well…..

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