Desert Island Singles: “There She Goes” by The La’s (1990)

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Liverpool band The La’s (slang for “lads”) released only one eponymous album in 1990. This song is the most stellar of an album full of stellar.

The lead guitar riff is magnetic. So is the rhythm guitar. Everything sticks to them. The song has no verses, just the chorus over and over with a middle eight that appears once. The La’s were like Teenage Fanclub in their ability to take a classic, 60s pop sound and make it meaningful to a new generation. I’ve described it as being like The Four Seasons jamming with The Byrds.

“‘There She Goes’ is becoming one of those songs that’s almost impossible to talk about. It’s a classic that feels as though it’s been around forever, and I can’t imagine future generations ever tiring of its unquestionable delights. The chorus, the bridge, and the enigmatic lyrics are virtually platonic ideals for pop music. If I were in a band and were only remembered for one song, this would be it.” – Kenneth from Nottingham

Stupid writers have begun the rumor that it’s actually about heroin. “Racing through my brain… pulsing through my vein… no one else can heal my pain.” To which I reply: oh, FFS. It’s two minutes and 45 seconds about the exhilaration and uncertainty of first love.

And I just can’t contain this feeling that remains.

Why Sixpence None The Richer would have so lamed up this song, I just can’t fathom. Everything that works in the song, they stripped away.

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