The mind recreates what it needs to heal.

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So much of what we go through emotionally is similar to what happens within the human body. System dynamics. When you cut your finger, your system rushes to do something – make it turn bright red, make it bleed, make it throb, infect it – something that brings it to the attention of your body and mind. “Heal this.”

Life experiences are the same. Especially the ones that repeat. But most people don’t get that. They don’t realize it’s their past showing up, over and over, in an effort to be healed.

Repeated life experiences are opportunities. Opportunities to feel anger, to grieve, and to set boundaries instead of being merely reactive. To remember what worked or didn’t work before.To build on past successes, and to act from a place of strength and calmness. To make rational choices when you don’t have a volcano of emotion inside.

The mind isn’t stupid. It always recreates what it needs to try and heal.

(Props to blogger JFM for the inspiration.)

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