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A CIA agent named XXXXXXX
For failure to clear
Limericks with his superiors.

There once was a poet named Stein
Whose limericks repeated a line.
Though it was redundant,
Though it was redundant,
His limericks repeated a line.

A clever young poet named Stan
Wrote limericks that rambled and ran.
When told it was so
He replied, “Yes, I know.
But I always try to fit as many words into that last line as I possibly can.”

A cardiac patient named Fred
Made a limerick up in his head.
But before he had time
To write down the last line

There once was a poet from Purdue
Whose limericks would end at line two.

A poet named Mister Magee
Wrote limericks that stopped at line three
And would not go further.

There once was a man from Lahore
Whose limericks stopped at line four.
When asked why this was,
He replied, “Just because.”

There was a young man from Verdun

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