Do I need a refresher course?

A hand writing out algebra equations.(A shoutout to a prolific blogger named BaddTicker. I found this comment on the RawStory website. It was pretty awesome. I asked BaddTicker if I could pass it along, with attribution of course, but did not hear back. So I’m going to take a chance and post this, in hopes that BaddTicker won’t mind.)

– –

Here’s what I find weird. Back when I was a teenager, I attended church on a semi-regular basis. I learned of the teachings of Christ, and I found them good. They were basic and simple lessons on love and how to treat my fellow travelers. They were a lot less complicated than math classes, for instance.

Beyond that point, I started to wonder why it was necessary to keep going back every week if I had learned the lessons. After all, I don’t go back every week for math class refresher courses.

Then it occurred to me: the only reason to keep going back was to provide more and more money for them. I guess the math classes worked too.

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