A remarkable thing is happening in New Hampshire.

Image from Facebook

A remarkable thing is happening in New Hampshire. Community members, students, and supporters from all over are challenging a decision by a local school board to keep the school from presenting the play “Sweeney Todd.”

If you believe as I do that students should be encouraged to take risks, and rewarded for taking risks, in one of the few times in their lives that they have the freedom to do so, take a look at this site. There’s much more to this discussion than simply the selection of a school play. We tell kids that reasoned debate and discussion is a valuable trait, but then we show them by our actions that it’s actually discouraged.

What’s remarkable is the great outpouring of support from all over for the students and concerned parents. As one of the school board members said, you want it hard enough and you work pretty hard, perhaps you’ll earn it. There’s a life lesson that’s not on the official curriculum.

Great thanks to my friend Randall Mikkelsen for making me aware of this. While you’re at it, read his blog here.

In high school, a classmate of Randall’s and mine got into considerable hot water over starting an “underground” newsletter that was critical of the school board. You would think we’ve come a ways in forty-two years, but it seems like the previous wars need to be fought over and over. Seems a shame.

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