A question for all time.

Image from fanpop.com

Image from fanpop.com

To be the Fool In Love, or the Desired One? A question for all time.

I feel sympathy for those who are the Desired. For, even though they hold the power in the relationship, they never enjoy the Fool’s sweet opiate. The Fool suffers for it, no doubt; but the drug is fine, indeed. The Desired may be safe inside her unbroken heart; but if she did not love as does the Fool then she has settled for second-best or possibly third-, fourth-, or even fifth-best.

Lovers never settle; they love only those who are truly worth it. – Lauren Rose

One Comment on “A question for all time.”

  1. tamyrad says:

    I am usually the Fool, right now I am especially foolish.

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