I have the perfect, face-saving suggestion for the owners of the Washington Redskins.


Image from ChangeTheMascot.org

As reported today at TPM, fifty US senators called on the National Football League to change the team name of the Washington Redskins, declaring that “racism and bigotry have no place in professional sports.”

The senators wrote a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, invoking the racist comments by NBA Clippers owner Donald Sterling as an opportunity for the NFL to follow suit and take action.

“The despicable comments made by Mr. Sterling have opened up a national conversation about race relations,” the senators wrote. “We believe this conversation is an opportunity for the NFL to take action to remove the racial slur from the name of one of its marquee franchises.”

I have the perfect face-saving solution.


Image from chuckletree.com

Change the team name to —


This is not a new suggestion. When the Montreal Expos were preparing to relocate to DC, becoming the Nationals, Washington Post columnist David Broder suggested naming them the “Reagans” instead.

“Heck, everything else of any size in town already has been named for him — the airport, the giant downtown office building.”

It’s a win-win. Professional sports will be rid of one of the most embarrassing, offensive team names and marketing images that ever existed. And conservative fans who piss and moan about embracing the dreaded Political Correctness will have another high-profile enterprise renamed to honor their Patron Saint Ronnie. Think of the bragging rights they’d have. Think of the merchandising profits and marketing tie-ins. Maybe then they’ll finally quit whining about Benghazi.

Yeah. The Washington Reagans. It’s a long-overdue change that will allow the NFL to save face. Let’s get to work on it.



5 Comments on “I have the perfect, face-saving suggestion for the owners of the Washington Redskins.”

  1. That’s a novel idea. I’ll cast my vote for the “Washington Foreskins.”

  2. Imagine the mascot possibilities?

  3. […] I get where they’re coming from, and I should be flattered I suppose. It’s not the Washington Redskins, after all. But I do wonder: what other nationality’s stereotype would get boldly featured in […]

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