Going back to stir the ghosts.

Image from simplywoz.wordpress.com

The ghosts of things that never happened are worse than the ghosts of things that did. – L.M. Montgomery

Recently I revisited a place that a couple of years ago held great happiness for me, a sweet time and place, before circumstances turned bitter and sour. This is quite unlike me: I genuinely don’t know what possessed me to do so. I can’t recall what I thought it would accomplish. I sensed going in that nothing good would come out of this.

And I was right. I wished that I hadn’t. What was I thinking? Damn ghosts.

The past is never there when you try to go back. It exists, but only in memory. To pretend otherwise is to invite a mess. – Chris Cobbs

Don’t stir the ghosts without understanding that they will stir you right back.

Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.- Salman Rushdie


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