Finding one’s name in an unexpectedly pleasant place.

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I used to write logic puzzles for a couple of different magazines, mostly ones published by Penny Publications. You can find some examples of them here and here. I like to solve them and I felt I had a pretty good knack for writing them too. I haven’t submitted any for ten years now, but from time to time I still find some of my puzzles being reprinted in issues of Dell magazines.

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Other places, too, as I discovered the other day. I downloaded a Logic Puzzles app for my smartphone from a provider called Egghead Games. I opened up the selection of puzzles — and there was one of mine, that I’d written about thirteen years ago. One of my favorite ones, too, as it happens.

Not an exaggeration to say I was mind blown. My work, my byline, on this handheld screen, on handheld screens all around the world. Pretty cool. Naturally I was ever so cool about it (not): I leaped around the room and showed my coworker Laurie. It was a moment of pure geekery bliss.

If you like a nerdy challenge take a spin at one of my puzzles, look for my byline in a Dell magazine, or get the app at Egghead Games. Hope you have as much fun solving them as I do writing them.

2 Comments on “Finding one’s name in an unexpectedly pleasant place.”

  1. Much to my surprise, I also found that one of my puzzles had been featured in an article written for a Biblical journal, of all things. They got permission from Dell, so of course I’m flattered to be included in such a solemn undertaking.

    Click to access unexpected1.pdf

  2. […] 2000 and 2005, several dozen of my creations hit the newsstands each month. And, occasionally, one will still surface as a reprint in a current […]

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