38,000 hits!

Sometime overnight. It reached 37,000 just twenty-seven days ago.

Thanks, pals. * snif *

3 Comments on “38,000 hits!”

  1. John says:

    Just wait til it passes the million mark – – and it will – – trust me!
    There are more than 100 million blogs out there to compete with and believe me when I tell you that 38,000 hits is nothing to sneeze at. It means you are accumulating a rather hefty reader base and I am so thrilled for you. I have been blogging just a little over three years now and the most I have ever gotten in a single day is 1,146. But I am sure it will get better for both of us as time goes by.

    Your tag line says “Some things in life need to be top-shelf.” and I guess you are receiving the proof of your efforts in the 38,000 hits you have recorded.

    Keep on keeping on and never become discouraged.
    Some days will be better than others but overall you will discover that blogging is immensely satisfying.

    Look at how you are progressing: 27,000 hits . . .29,000 hits . . and now 38,000!

    I think that is a “Wow” moment, don’t you?

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