“If I Only Had A Shot”

Photo by Laura Martin

Photo by Laura Martin

My friend Laura Martin (read her blog, folks, it’s awesome) recently was given a nifty souvenir gift: a “Wizard Of Oz” collectible shot glass.

Of course, you know I can’t just let this alone.

“If I Only Had A Shot”

I could while away the hours
Imbibing whisky sours
From bottles that I bought
When I can’t read the label
I’ll be slumpin’ on the table
If I only had a shot

I’ll be clever, I’ll be witty
I’ll chat up a girl who’s pretty
And tell her that she’s hot
Though I know at the closin’
I’ll be in the corner dozin’
If I only had a shot

Oh, I
Am one smooth guy
I’ll dance with every lass
I can bust a move while sippin’ from my glass
And then I fall
Right on my ass

I’m enjoying this libation
Ignoring moderation
Without a sober thought
But I won’t feel so spiffy
When I’m crouchin’ by the biffy
If I only had a shot

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