Everyday stereotypes, part one.


Photo by me

A local publisher (not the one I work for) distributes an “advertiser” style paper here in east central Minnesota. The name of the paper is “The Scotsman.”

Now, I understand where they think they’re going with that. Right or wrong, fairly or unfairly, Scots people have a reputation for frugality. Although, living as I do in a primarily Scandinavian community, let me tell you that the Scots have nothing on the Swedes. As a Swedish co-worker used to say: his people throw nickels around like they’re manhole covers.

So I get where they’re coming from, and I should be flattered I suppose. It’s not the Washington Redskins, after all. But I do wonder: what other nationality’s stereotype would get boldly featured in the masthead of a newspaper? What other culture or heritage would put up with such a thing?

Away an’ bile yer haid, ye wee scunner.



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