Joke of the day.

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A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender serves the drink, and suddenly to everyone’s surprise the guy throws the drink in the bartender’s face.

The bartender is stunned. Wiping off his face he asks, “Hey, buddy. Why did you do that?”

The guy says, “Oh, sir, I’m so embarrassed. I really didn’t mean to do that. You see, I have an embarrassing psychosomatic condition that I can’t control. I really feel embarrassed; I hope you’ll please forgive me.”

The bartender takes pity on the guy and says, “You know, I have a psychiatrist friend who I think can help you. Here’s his number. You should call him. He can help you get over your embarrassing problem.” The guy thanks the bartender profusely and slinks out of the bar.

Months go by, and one day the same guy walks back into the bar. The bartender recognizes the guy and asks, “So did you ever go and see my psychiatrist friend?”

“Yes, I did!” the guy replies. “I see him twice a week, and it’s been going great! Thank you so much!”

The bartender beams and sets down a pint of beer in front of the guy. And suddenly to everyone’s surprise the guy throws it in the bartender’s face.

Shocked, the bartender says, “Hey, buddy. I thought you were getting help with your problem!”

“I am,” the guy replies. “I no longer feel embarrassed!”

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