On the road


Image from michiganautolaw.com

* CLICK * “Captain, this is Confounder Number One. Do you read me?”

“Copy, Confounder Number One. Report, please.”

“Roger. We are in position on the interstate. Myself and Confounders Two, Three, and Four have boxed in McKinney on all sides, and are impeding his progress as we practiced.”

“Copy. What is McKinney’s current estimated velocity?”

“Approximately 5 mph, Captain.”

“Not slow enough, gentlemen. We need to make it half that.  Confounder Number One! Who’s our slowest driver within hailing distance?”

“Um… Bimbleman, sir. In the 1985 Yugo.”

* CLICK * “Bimbleman, this is the captain. We need you to pull into position directly in front of McKinney, and slow down his progress by half. Can you do that, Bimbleman?”


* CLICK* “…………Ten…………….four.”

“You’re a good man, Bimbleman. Signing off.”

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