Reblog: It is not my job to make bigots feel comfortable

Courtesy of my friend Melissa.

It is not my job to make bigots feel comfortable.


“In a moment of exhaustion and despair last night, I wrote this on my Facebook page: “If you voted for Trump, unfriend me now. And fuck you.”

I regretted posting that – it was the wrong thing to say – and changed it after a couple friends spoke reason to me. I also had a few Trump-supporting friends express shock and outrage that I would say such a thing.

People who voted for Donald Trump were offended.


“People telling us to calm down don’t understand why we’re worked up.

But the reason we’re worked up is because we woke up in a country that openly endorsed bigotry. Lots of our fellow citizens are soon going to be less free. In the United States. In 2016.”

“We all like to be liked. In the past I’ve had the gentle conversations because I wanted the other person to like me at the end, to respect me. Which meant allowing them to walk away feeling good about it.

But this is a copout.

There is no reason for Trump supporters to care. Unless we make their ignorance uncomfortable.”

2 Comments on “Reblog: It is not my job to make bigots feel comfortable”

  1. Mr. Militant Negro says:

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.

  2. tamyrad says:

    I’m not going to tell people who voted for Trump to fuck off, as much as I sometimes want to. If they say shit I’ll call them on it, but the truth is he’s not going to give them what they want,and they are going to be suffering as much as I am. The White supremacists might have his ear now, but fat lot of good that’ll do if America refuses to go that way, and I’m pretty sure there’s enough who will take the high ground. The financial stuff will be telling, it’s never worked before so I’m not holding my breath to get any benefits from a vibrant economy. The gun huggers can keep their toys and keep harping on how we need love to stop this violence, maybe that’ll work. I’m going to keep score.

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