In Soviet Russia, President betrays YOU! Oh wait…..

15439770_10154075453989249_7033108776293194177_nI keep getting told that I need to accept the results of the election because Hillary was fatally flawed, unpopular, and out of touch with Americans.

Yeah. The fatally flawed candidate who got nearly three million more votes than Trump did. The unpopular and out-of-touch candidate that it took the RNC, the FBI, Wikileaks, and Russia to beat – just barely.

Bullshit. Let’s get one thing straight. Hillary did not lose this election. It was taken from her.

Between oppressive voter ID laws (in response to-non existent “voter fraud”), fake news, right-wing extremist thug tactics, gerrymandered election districts, polling place closings, restrictions on voting hours, a decision by GOP leadership to cover up the espionage pre-election, and – YES – sabotage by Russia, the election was taken away by the party that has shown us over and over again that it CAN’T WIN A FAIR FIGHT.

If I were a Republican, I’d hang my head over a “win” like this. As George Takai famously put it: if there’s interference, you don’t count the touchdown.

Any Trump voter who sees nothing wrong with Russian interference and GOP cover-up – after losing your mind over emails and Benghazi – you’re a hypocrite.

Our Constitution does not allow for a do over. And Trump won’t quit, though I bet he wants to. Either the Electors need to grow spines and do the right thing, or the House Democrats need to draw up Articles of Impeachment to deliver ten minutes after Trump’s inauguration.

This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue. There’s no sides on this except patriots and traitors. Choose a side. Choose wisely.

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