Evangelical rant.

There are Evangelical Christians who would have happily trotted off with the devil in the desert.

“But his strong leadership is what’s important. I mean, he’s Satan. We know he’s not a choirboy.

Plus, Mr. Satan promised us he wouldn’t kill the babies until AFTER they’re born.”

A solution so simple, I’m surprised no one has done it already.

Let’s consider states assessing a tax on military-style weapons with automatic or semi-automatic settings. If we can’t get the neutered, NRA-owned Congress to do the right thing and ban them, let’s pressure states to tax them based on the costs of medical needs for victims of mass shootings.

Sure, you could buy an AR-15 for $400, but you would also pay an ANNUAL tax of $10,000 to cover medical bills for victims.

See? Nobody is banning your precious. Nobody is infringing your right to own your precious. You just have to pay for the cleanup, like a responsible gun owner should.

Problem solved. Next problem.

Time for some rebranding.

American Evangelicals have outed themselves as cold hard opportunists who ignore their own teachings and morals, and support any skeevy candidate (e.g., former Supreme Court Justices who preyed on adolescent girls) if they think it will gain them some power.



When gardens are outlawed, only outlaws will have gardens

Let’s say that my hobby is gardening. My family has been gardening for generations. I’ve been gardening since I was a young kid. I’ve won some trophies, grown some record-setting produce, and I really enjoy my time in nature.

Now let’s say that gardening kills people. All across the country, dozens of people die from gardening each day. In fact, some people are drawn to gardening specifically because it kills people.

As a result, some well-meaning people are suggesting common-sense restrictions on gardening. Naturally I’m upset. I’m a good gardener, I tell them, and the only thing that will stop a bad gardener is a good gardener.

Nonetheless, people young and old continue to die from gardening at an alarming rate. Garden stores and farmers’ markets are setting sales records. Many people say it’s just to feed their families, but it’s obvious that there’s more to it. They even tell me: I’ll give them my pitchfork when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

Now people walk by, see my garden, and think: I’m going to start gardening too. They aren’t very responsible, though, and people get killed; sometimes in their own back yards.

Yeah, I have a right to a garden. But I also have a sense of right and wrong. No matter how careful I may be, others who look to me are reckless and dangerous. I don’t want that on my conscience.

There are other hobbies.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I try to keep it light and humorous, because god knows there’s a lot to be humorous about and god knows that if we don’t laugh we’ll cry,

Today is different. Things have gotten fucked up in this country to a degree that they may never be un-fucked up again.

A mixture of right wingers, Nazis, and Klansman are rallying in Virginia. A group of counter-protesters are also there. A knuckle-dragger drove his Dodge Challenger straight into the group of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring many others. Later the craven coward ditched his vehicle and is currently at large.

But we can’t call them deplorable, because gosh darn it, that would just be impolite.

There will come a day, probably very soon, when we all have to pick sides. I don’t see any other way this will work out. But I also don’t see much reason for optimism.

The Godfather Part IV

What a difference.

Evangelicals during the Clinton Administration: “If he’ll cheat on his wife, he’ll cheat on his country.”

Evangelicals during the Trump Administration: * crickets *

Here’s an idea

The one thing his base will never tolerate is him doing something, anything, which the left approves of. Especially the Democratic leadership.

So if I were Obama or Hillary, the first thing I’d do is have a press conference. Or a TV interview with someone they hate. Rachel Maddow, for example.

I’d say something along the lines of: the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” plan is much more sensible and much less severe than I’d anticipated, and it actually has some very good liberal points to it.


Buh-bye, Obamacare replacement bill.

GOP hi-jinx.

In medieval times

In medieval times, only the jester was allowed to speak truth to the king. And since we can’t count on the rest of our government for checks and balances –

Humor, satire, and mockery are what will save us.

He has an ego as big as all outdoors, a skin as thin as the finest French tissue paper, and the easily bruised feelings of a junior-high girl. No offense meant to junior-high girls.

No one else is brave enough to say that the emperor has no clothes.

Just my .02.