So for those of you keeping score at home

A couple of mouth-breathers who own a pizza parlor in Indiana publicly refuse to ever cater a gay wedding…

Which they say they have never done, and admit they never expect to happen…

And are then “forced to close” because of “internet hostility”…

And now… nearly half a mil has been donated to support them.

Not a bad day’s pay.

Wonder what I can get paid NOT to do?

Not even Spalding has a racket THIS good.

Further proof that we do, indeed, live in Bizarro World.

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Hank Williams Jr. compares President Obama to Hitler on a radio talk show. Result: a standing ovation at the Country Music Awards.

Ted Nugent tells the NRA convention that he will either be in jail or dead if Obama is re-elected, and says he hopes Obama’s teleprompters are bulletproof. Result: no consequences, people defending his “free speech rights.”

The Dixie Chicks announce from a concert stage in England that they are not proud to be from the same state as President George W. Bush. Result: physical threats, banned from radio stations, records burned in the streets.

Bizarro World.