From the brilliant Adam Dawson:

“Universal background checks would be a logistical nightmare.”

Then let it be a logistical nightmare.

At this point the argument seems to be: it it is difficult, or doesn’t work at a rate of 100%, it’s just too much of a cross for gun owners to carry around.

I’m done worrying about whether or not gun owners are inconvenienced in their hobby. That is the least of my concerns.

Eight days.

It’s been eight days since he was inaugurated. He’s engaged in unconstitutional denial of rights, lies, treason, buffoonery, gaslighting, cronyism, and subversion.

No, the other candidate was NOT “even worse.” Shut the f**k up about that.

He is insane. He is tearing this country apart. He is making it into something that is not America. And no, his predecessor was NOT “just as bad.” Shut the f**k up about that too.

It’s down to this. Either you stand with America, or you defend him. Simple.

Attendance will be taken.


Word to the herd.

I’ve been told by those who know these things that tonight, the night before Thanksgiving, is the busiest night of the year for bars, taverns, and nightclubs. If you’re hitting the town tonight please be mindful of this and be extra kind to your greeter, bartender, server, and bus help.

And as always – tomorrow, if you need to purchase anything – gas for the car, a coffee, some ingredient that was overlooked – please thank the person who serves you. We’re able to enjoy our holiday because they are working on theirs. It doesn’t have to be over the top; just say something like, “Thanks for working today. It’s making my day easier.”

Just my .02. Word to the herd.

Reblog: It is not my job to make bigots feel comfortable

Courtesy of my friend Melissa.

It is not my job to make bigots feel comfortable.


“In a moment of exhaustion and despair last night, I wrote this on my Facebook page: “If you voted for Trump, unfriend me now. And fuck you.”

I regretted posting that – it was the wrong thing to say – and changed it after a couple friends spoke reason to me. I also had a few Trump-supporting friends express shock and outrage that I would say such a thing.

People who voted for Donald Trump were offended.


“People telling us to calm down don’t understand why we’re worked up.

But the reason we’re worked up is because we woke up in a country that openly endorsed bigotry. Lots of our fellow citizens are soon going to be less free. In the United States. In 2016.”

“We all like to be liked. In the past I’ve had the gentle conversations because I wanted the other person to like me at the end, to respect me. Which meant allowing them to walk away feeling good about it.

But this is a copout.

There is no reason for Trump supporters to care. Unless we make their ignorance uncomfortable.”

They’re counting on us.

They’re counting on us moving on from this one. Like we moved on from Aurora, Newtown, San Bernadino, etc.

They’re counting on our short attention span.

They’re counting on us being distracted by bright shiny objects. Donald Trump’s latest belch, or Kim Kardashian’s latest thong, or Justin Bieber’s latest DUI.

And you know what? They’re probably right. We’ll move on from this one and glide along till the next one. Then we’ll become outraged again until the next bright shiny object. Lather, rinse, repeat.

They think they’ve won. And so far, they’re winning. But they don’t have to win and we don’t have to lose.

At some point, people will get mad enough to tell the NRA and their Congressional suckups to fuck off and go away.

Will it be this time? Too soon to tell. But: it will happen.

I hope we don’t have too many more of these before….

Oooh! Bright shiny object!

Said it before, but it bears repeating.

When I go to the bakery to pick up a birthday cake I don’t think to myself: “I’m so happy the supermarket endorses my birthday party.”

When I go to the bottle shop to pick up wine for dinner I don’t think to myself: “Thank goodness the bottle shop endorses my menu selections.”

If a couple asks a bakery to make a wedding cake, they are not asking or expecting the bakery to endorse their wedding. They’re asking the bakery to BAKE THE DAMN CAKE. That’s all. It’s arrogant for the bakery to think that doing their job constitutes endorsing or approving the marriage.

Bake the cake. DO YOUR DAMN JOB.

That is all.

Winter is coming.

Animals will be looking for places to get warm. Before starting your engine, be sure to check for cows on the hood.

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A public service message from Name-Brand Ketchup.

Ain’t this the truth.


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