Bernie Sanders in his unforgettable role as George Costanza.

A good day for America.

It’s rare enough in this life to find someone you love who loves you back, and you both want to make a life together.

We should celebrate and promote it, rather than punish people for it.

Today the Supreme Court celebrated and promoted it.

Good day for America.

Look what happens when you get a hug from President Obama.

Okay, this one gets to me. Riley Minich of Fremont, Ohio, overcome with emotion after hugging President Barack Obama. Bowling Green, Ohio, September 26th.

From the blog the Obama diary. Just too cool for words, so let the pictures talk. I must have allergies, because my eyes are starting to water. Allergies, that’s the ticket.

My President RAWKS. You say different? Bring it.

I dig Graves.

Jim Graves. Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District.

This is the guy who can rid us of Michele Bachmann once and for all.

Consider a contribution. Jim is a businessman, focused on Central Minnesota, which is not where Mitchie’s financial backers are from.

I used to live in MN HR06. Now I’m about 20 minutes away from it, as is the radio station. And yes, I’ve interviewed Bachmann.

Please, folks, trust me on this. Help Jim win.

That is all.