Happy St. Andrew’s Day

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From the Daily Mirror:

The feast day of St Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint, falls on the 30th of November every year.

Saint Andrew and his brother Peter were fishermen called to be Jesus’s disciples. Andrew was eventually crucified, with a tradition growing up that the cross to which he was bound was an X-shape or Saltire, like the white cross on his flag.

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Image from pbs.twimg.com

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Image from dailyrecord.co.uk

Scots celebrate their national day on Twitter and other social networks, sharing pictures of their country’s beauty, symbols of national pride, and their own celebrations.

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Thanksgiving is over.

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Time to end the moratorium on Christmas music.

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Best New Year’s Eve/Hogmanay Song

Rockin’ the 902: Here’s what I did today instead of shop.

You read the blog entries… now see the show!

“Rockin’ the 902: The Movie.”

Coming soon: “Rockin’ the 902 II: Electric Boogaloo.”

Rockin’ the 902: “The Mountain Road” by The Outside Track

Song of the day.

Rockin’ the 902: Had the great pleasure of sitting at a table with these two tonight

And heard them sing and play for nearly four hours. With others, of course.

Rachel Davis is the best damn fiddle player I’ve heard in years. Check her out, I know you’ll agree.

Song of the night

“Mellow Doubt” by Teenage Fanclub. Can’t believe this song is seventeen years old.

It gives me pain, I think of you
The things together that we’ll never do
At first it’s cold and then it’s hot
Trying to be someone that I know I’m not

In trouble, I know it
I’m feeling,  I can’t show it
These feelings, don’t go away

I remember you, lines on your face
Sharing a moment in the perfect place
Deep in your eyes, inside your head
I try to reach you when I’m in my bed

In trouble, I know it
I’m feeling, I can’t show it
These feelings, don’t go away

There is no choice, what I must do
Nothing is greater than to be with you

In trouble, I know it
I’m feeling, I can’t show it
These feelings, don’t go away

Rosemary shortbread.

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