Re-rockin’ the 902: Nearly found the Cape Clear Look-off.

What I was looking for: The Cape Clear Look-off
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For months I’ve been reading about Cape Clear, a small, isolated, wooded area with an astounding look-off view over Cape Breton. Recently my friend Leah Noble wrote about it in her blog Dream Big Cape Breton (follow it, folks, it’s awesome). She wrote:

The Highland Road, for those of you who don’t know, is a series of roads put in by the logging company to harvest wood from the interior of the Cape Breton Highlands. (You can read more about this part of the island here.) My Dad, who works in the woods doing tree-planting, laying out cuts, and other stuff I don’t know too much about, is frequently taking the Highland Road to work. You get on it in Middle River, and you can drive up to Cheticamp or Wreck Cove on it. They are all dirt roads, and they are marked, somewhat. Once you’re off the main road, though, it’s kind of a maze. Other than logging trucks, you’re also likely to encounter hunters, snowmobilers, or dirt bikers, depending on the season.

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