One to ponder.


Fits in with the idea that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Yeah, what if…?


The mind recreates what it needs to heal.

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So much of what we go through emotionally is similar to what happens within the human body. System dynamics. When you cut your finger, your system rushes to do something – make it turn bright red, make it bleed, make it throb, infect it – something that brings it to the attention of your body and mind. “Heal this.” Click here for more.

In defense of hatred.

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Hatred is a feeling we all experience, and feelings are facts. As with any other feeling, justification pays its due: hatred can be “justified” or not. To distinguish hatred, set it apart as a isolated feeling, different and/or worse than all the rest, is a cop-out. To deny it as a feeling is foolish and, frankly, impossible.

But we’re told that hatred is BAD-BAD-BAD. Don’t be a hater, we’re told. Only bad people hate. Everyone from Jesus to Gandhi to Yoda told us so. We’re only destroying ourselves by hating, we’re told ironically by Richard Nixon. We’re told, in fact, to hate hatred. Even Bob Dylan sang that to us: “While others don’t hate nothing at all, except hatred.” Click here for more.

In other breaking news

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Retailers in the Denver area are reporting huge, unprecedented demand today for Doritos, Oreos, and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. Since 8:05 am Mountain time, local stores throughout the area have not been able to keep these items in stock on their shelves.

Market analysts are at a loss to explain the sudden, puzzling wave of demand.

Ain’t this the truth.


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Some years it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

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I can’t point to any specific event or occurrence that has single-handedly robbed me of the Christmas spirit this year; just stuff, an accumulation of stuff that won’t magically go away because of the holidays. No trips to Kentucky or elsewhere this year. Click here for more.