What a difference.

Evangelicals during the Clinton Administration: “If he’ll cheat on his wife, he’ll cheat on his country.”

Evangelicals during the Trump Administration: * crickets *

Here’s an idea

The one thing his base will never tolerate is him doing something, anything, which the left approves of. Especially the Democratic leadership.

So if I were Obama or Hillary, the first thing I’d do is have a press conference. Or a TV interview with someone they hate. Rachel Maddow, for example.

I’d say something along the lines of: the Republicans’ “repeal and replace” plan is much more sensible and much less severe than I’d anticipated, and it actually has some very good liberal points to it.


Buh-bye, Obamacare replacement bill.

GOP hi-jinx.

In medieval times

In medieval times, only the jester was allowed to speak truth to the king. And since we can’t count on the rest of our government for checks and balances –

Humor, satire, and mockery are what will save us.

He has an ego as big as all outdoors, a skin as thin as the finest French tissue paper, and the easily bruised feelings of a junior-high girl. No offense meant to junior-high girls.

No one else is brave enough to say that the emperor has no clothes.

Just my .02.



No more.


A one-eighty.

Before the election, Trump and his minions shouted long and loud about how they knew for a solid fact that the election was RIGGED.

Since the election: not a peep, not a tweet.

Does anyone else think this sudden silence about something they were so sure of is strange? Especially now that we have evidence of Russia’s shenanigans?

“I’ll take ‘Hypocritical Sacks Of Shit’ for $100, Alex.”

Finally they’ve found an act that will agree to perform at the Inaugural Ball.


Remember the “Batman” TV series from the mid-60s?


Image from movieweb.com

Whenever Joker, Penguin, Riddler, or whoever would make a huge heist, they not only would leave astonishingly obvious clues — they would openly taunt Batman and Robin to come and capture them.

This is what Trump and Putin are doing right now.

“Holy elections, Batman!”

“Right, old chum. Unless I miss my guess.. this is the work of Mister Tiny Hands and The Red Meddler.”