Reblog: Obama shouldn’t back down

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Have you ever noticed that when the Repos lose, the media is flooded with all these pieces that say we should just link arms, sing Kum-ba-yah, and all work nicely together? But when the Repos win, all the pieces are “In your face, losers”?! That damn liberal media…!

E.J. Dionne Jr. writes for the WashPost and is a sharp observer.

It is said after every election that the victors should put politics aside and work for the good of the country.

If President Obama believed this pious nonsense, he would put his second term in jeopardy. Asking politicians to ignore politics is like insisting that professional hockey players switch to basketball. In a system with national elections every two years — and in which the two parties are in relatively close balance — politics never disappears.

Fortunately, the president knows foolishness when he sees it. He has been toughened by four years of unremitting Republican opposition and has behind him both a large Electoral College victory and an advantage of about three million popular votes.

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