Song of the day: “Green Eggs And Ham” by Moxy Früvous

I’m just in a mood for it.

Moxy released this track on their original six-song DIY cassette. They sold more than 40,000 copies of the cassette, enough to get the attention of a major label. They re-cut five tracks on their first album, but the Dr. Seuss estate wouldn’t give permission to use this. So it only exists on the cassette (rare!) and on YouTube vids. Enjoy.

C’est?! That’s French!!”

“You don’t like green eggs and ham…”
“Mr. Perception:  Sam I Am.”

“Maybe you can’t hear. You got somethin’ in your ear?”
“I’m gonna make this perfectly clear…”

“Try them! Try them!
And you might find you like nothing better
Than two greenish eggs over easy in the fry pan…
And to accompany this fine taste
We got Martian ham! Pork from space!”

“Not here, there, and everywhere…
I didn’t even like The Beatles with their long long hair!”
(“Hey! You lay off The Beatles, buddy!”
“I’ll lay on whoever I want, buddy!
Don’t ‘buddy’ me… buddy…!”)

Little bits of cleverness that you catch on repeated listenings. Like in the part about The Beatles they sing the harmony part from “Here, There, And Everywhere.” And when they mention a red fox, they sing a phrase from the theme from “Sanford And Son.” A music geek goldmine.

8 Comments on “Song of the day: “Green Eggs And Ham” by Moxy Früvous”

  1. These guys are brilliant. Callie, the niece, may use this in a school project. Ed. Major you know. Laughed all day after I heard this.

  2. scottmac56 says:

    Yeah, started out as buskers in Toronto. Caught the ear of CBC Radio, and the rest is history.

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