1-800-Flowers denies a year’s worth of dog food to animal rescue winner

1-800-Flowers denies a year’s worth of dog food to animal rescue winner.

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In April, 1-800-Flowers hosted a contest called “There’s a New Bunny in Town” photo contest. Participants entered a picture of their pet wearing a pair of bunny ears for a prize of one year of pet food, a year’s supply of assorted products for dogs and dog lovers, and a $150 Savings Pass from 1800Flowers.com.

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Maria Mandel, who has a service dog named Stacey Mae, entered the contest. Then she promoted the contest on Facebook asking others to vote for Stacey’s photo, so that she could donate the winnings to Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, Mississippi. Thousands of votes later Maria won the contest. When 1-800-Flowers contacted her for an address to send the winnings to, she gave them Lucky Dog’s address.

Days, weeks, and months passed, but Lucky Dog Rescue still had no dog food. Many, many calls later, 1-800-Flowers acknowledged that Maria won the contest, but that the prize was “non-transferrable.” Plus, by Maria requesting that the food be shipped to Lucky Dog Rescue, it made the winnings null and void.

When 1-800-Flowers posted the contest they stated: “No clear Official Rules, Entry Frequency, Country Restriction, or Age Requirement.” The company was asked how official rules that were not clearly stated can be invoked. No response.

Maria won a contest that had no clear rules, and is being generous enough to donate her winnings, so 1-800-Flowers should honor their committment. Why should they care who the dog food goes to?  Who cares whether Maria’s dog or more than one other dog eats the prize?

Some real PR supergeniuses working for this company.

Visit Lucky Dog Rescue’s awesome blog here. Consider a donation.

Buyer beware: A device that doesn’t suck

image from kevinspear.com

even when it’s supposed to.

I have a basement full of water due to the monsoon we are currently experiencing in Minnesota.

I bought a device to rid myself of the water (to keep me from getting my ass sued, I will disclose the brand name and model by individual request only).

It doesn’t suck.

Obviously, the impeller blades are made from the finest, daintiest, most exquisite French tissue paper. Ooh-la-la.

That is all.