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My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend.


“There was some consolation, though. When he would go into the other room, to the kitchen, or to the bathroom, she would hold onto my hand and she would say, ‘I wish it were just you and me here.’

And I remember thinking, ‘You could make that happen.’

The way she said it was as though she wasn’t involved in the decision process. Like, ‘I’d love to, but the boys in corporate…'”




How true.

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Dating 101: Remember What She Looks Like


The Law of Jinx

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The Law of Jinx says that if you think something is going to happen, it won’t. That’s called “jinxing it.” It is the exact opposite of the Law of Attraction. For example, when I woke up today I thought I was going to eat pancakes for breakfast. That jinxed it, and I had cold oatmeal instead. The Law of Jinx. It works every time! – Joe

A statement like “We’re sure to win the contest!” can be seen as a jinx because it tempts fate. After such a statement, failure would be ironic. For the human mind, however, the irony makes it all the more likely. This therefore brings bad luck: it is a “jinx.”  The Law of Attraction is diametrically opposed, and inversely proportional, to the Law of Jinx. Thus they cancel one another out. – Rollo Tomassi

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Song of the night: “You Pushed My Head Away” by Ted Hawkins (1985)

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My friend Bill Sammon at his fantastic blog Kool Kovers wrote the perfect, definitive tribute to Ted Hawkins. There’s nothing I can add to it. I’ll just say that the moment I first heard “Happy Hour” in 1985 I became a fan of Mr. Hawkins.

This song features exceptional guitar work by Robert Cray, billed as Night Train Clemons. The song would have been stellar with just Hawkins and his guitar; with Cray it becomes sensational, world-class.

And I don’t know many other songs about.. about.. this particular deed, but this one is truer to our experiences than most men care to admit. Think of George Costanza on “Seinfeld” when he lamented getting “the tap.”

It’s a lot of work, becoming a cunning linguist.