The lesser-known Marx Brothers.

Some friends and I were riffing on this the other day: the unknown Marx Brothers.

Hash Marx – The family stoner, along with Hi Marx

Stretch Marx – The tallest one in the family

Punctuation Marx – Script editor

Check Marx – He kept the books

Registration Marx – Civil rights advocate

Pock Marx – The dermatologist

Skid Marx – Suffered from incontinence

Water Marx – Had a similar problem

Chalk Marx- Homicide detective

Nose Marx – The dog of the family

Bench Marx – Never was put in the game

Ear Marx – Someone was always giving him money

Bite Marx – A bit of a perv

Deutsch Marx – Their German cousin

Den Marx – Their Scandinavian cousin

Hall Marx – He never forgot a birthday

X Marx – Who didn’t like to be put on the spot

Scuff Marx – Never polished his shoes

Book Marx – He liked to bet on the ponies

Re Marx – He wouldn’t shut up

Trade Marx – Very possessive about his inventions

Birth Marx – Easy to spot when sunbathing

Land Marx – Led the way on expeditions

Beauty Marx – The family transvestite

Pencil Marx – Worked as a police sketch artist

Onya Marx – Their little-known Olympian sister

Post Marx – He always delivered

Guy Marx-Khin – Tattoo artist who married into the family


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