Teabaggers want less government, then they get it, then they complain about less government services.

From the Omaha World-Herald letters page, and the Department of Duh:


Open restroom for public events

We need to let the public know that Walnut Grove Park near 153rd and Q Streets does not have open public restrooms. There was a padlock on the restrooms on July 3 during a Tea Party rally.

We told the Omaha Parks and Recreation Department that we needed Walnut Grove Park’s public restrooms opened but were told the restrooms are not open at the park.

I believe public restrooms in Omaha parks should be open for public events and especially on weekends.

– Rhonda D., Omaha

Editor’s note: The Omaha Parks and Recreation Department said staff are not available to maintain city park restrooms. Groups can rent port-a-potties for an event.

My note: It appears that poor Rhonda just.. can’t.. quite.. connect.. the.. dots.

Or maybe Teabaggers are just more full of.. something.. than most people?!

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