His name is Munson.

An insightful man who, amazingly, has no blog of his own yet but shares his wisdom in the blogs of others. This is one. One of his many wise observations is too damn brilliant not to share.

For a woman, having a relationship with a man is like dancing with a hippopotamus:

1) you’re going to get your feet and toes smashed;
2) the hippopotamus will never learn to do it very well; and
3) at no time will the hippopotamus have the slightest idea what the fuck is going on.

But if you give him his bale of hay, i.e., recognition as I’ve described, plus affection, sex, love, food (Dr. Laura says men come down to sex and food; that’s sexist and degrading but absolutely true, goddamnit!), he’ll make a useful, and indeed, rewarding companion.

6 Comments on “His name is Munson.”

  1. It’s Munson, not Monson.

  2. tvmunson says:

    Yes, I am often confused with The Prophet, Seer and Revelator of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Thomas Monson. Those of you familiar with my writing, such as the example quoted above, can see how easily this mistake could be made. Tom (as I call him; we converse twice a week) and I like to share our thoughts concerning love, commitment, relationships, the overarching problems that young people generally and young Mormons in particular face in these challenging times. I have worked over drafts of his addresses to his “young flock” (his term) and I have improved them considerably if I do say so myself. I like and admire Tom, but I do wish he’d learn to spell his last name correctly.

    BTW I have proposed to Susan over at hookingupsmart that I do aa advice column, “Dancing with the Hippopotamus-An Old Man’s Advice to Young Women”. teh Ptrivate man can attest I have much useful information t impart.

  3. tvmunson says:

    Read my columns at theblueturf.com about Boise State football and all sorts of shit.

  4. […] learned about Munson through The Private Man’s blog. Shared his wisdom here. Very sad to note his […]

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