Karma is a beeyotch.

From the HuffPost:

Papa John’s Allegedly Sent 500,000 Illegal Text Messages To Customers

Shares of Papa John’s declined on Tuesday following news of class-action certification for a lawsuit that claims the pizza chain had unsolicited text messages sent to cell phones.

The lawsuit filed with the US District Court for the Western District of Washington in Seattle claims Papa John’s violated state and federal law when they had the marketing company OnTime4U send unsolicited text messages on its behalf to cell phones advertising their pizza products. The lawsuit says that 500,000 illegal text messages were sent to Papa John’s customers across the US.

Papa John’s faces potential damages of more than $250 million.

So how many cents per pie does that work out to?

The plaintiffs may each potentially receive $500 or more in damages for each text message.

So fine him 14¢ per message, and there’ll be plenty of money to pay for his employees’ health care.

Messages left with Papa John’s seeking comment were not immediately returned.

Hmmm. Maybe you shoulda texted them.

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