I’m not one to blather about holidays.

Image from treehugger.com

Not even Thanksgiving, though I like it better than Christmas. But this Thanksgiving is turning out much, much better than I ever could have imagined.

  • Four-and-a-half days away from the office.
  • New upgraded computer to replace one that just crashed.
  • Local computer guru was able to salvage my Nova Scotia pics and other files off the crashed one. (Mad props and a shout-out to Keith Thelen of Kanabec Systems.)
  • Unexpected and timely gifts.
  • My sister Kathy got a job after nearly a year of searching.
  • I got to share turkey dinner with wonderful people.
  • I get to spend three mornings doing the thing I love most.
  • Best post-Thanksgiving Day breakfast, ever.
  • Other amazing news I won’t share, but is known to a select few.

And though that is all quite awesome enough, and this next one is nowhere as significant, I just found out:

I probably should buy some lottery tickets today. I know it’s as maudlin as hell, but it seems like there’s a lot for me to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Holidays haven’t always been a barrel of laughs. And many of 2012’s developments have sucked, quite frankly… with a few exceptions… so I’m most thankful for reasons to anticipate a turnaround in the works.

Thanks, Big Guy. Always got my back.

One Comment on “I’m not one to blather about holidays.”

  1. Glad your days are brighter and you are com-put-ta-tatored.

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