Reblog: The Essential Question

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From C.M. Sturges’s awesome blog Apocalypse Cometh. Read the whole thing. Excerpts:

There is one essential question that you need to ask yourself no matter what circumstance you find yourself in. This question is essential because it helps you avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that life constantly throws into our paths. Not many people ask themselves that one essential question, however, and we see the results in the unhappy lives of the people who surround us. A lot of bad experiences could be avoided if every time you had to make a decision or a choice you asked this one question of yourself:

Does this bring any additional value to my life?

Such a simple question, but hardly anyone asks it. And not asking it of yourself has far-reaching ramifications in your life. Think about all the times you could have avoided unpleasant experiences if you had just asked that one question before you made a choice or acted on a decision. Ask yourself that question, and don’t be afraid of what the answer might be. Because, if you’re honest with yourself, the huge majority of the time you ask yourself that question the answer is going to be…


Sometimes it’s not pleasant, but I feel it’s one of the most important things a person can do to shed all the crap that society throws at us each day. And when the answer is yes, that relationship or possession is appreciated all the greater just for having asked the question of yourself and answered in the affirmative.

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  1. This is, IMHO, a truly wise, Zen-like question. I

  2. Thank you brother for the linkage and I tweeted it to all my followers. Plus I followed you.

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