We take you now to the Minnesota DMV.

License-Renewal Clerk: Very good. We’ve almost finished your driver license renewal. I have just one more official question I need to ask.

Customer: Great. What is it?

Clerk: “On which Minnesota highway will you be driving the most?”

Customer: That’s easy. Highway 65.

Clerk (to himself): Highway 65, eh? Excellent. (Pulls out pocket watch and dangles it by the chain. To customer:) I need you to stare at this pocket watch.

Customer: Pocket watch? Why?….. (dazed:) Ohhhhhhhh….

Clerk: You are getting very, very sleepy.

Customer (dazed): Sleepy… yes… very sleepy…

Clerk: When I snap my fingers you will wake up. You will forget this discussion. But whenever you see a GREEN LIGHT, you will fall instantly and heavily to sleep. Do you understand?

Customer (still dazed): Yes…. Master….

Clerk: Excellent. (snaps fingers, customer wakes up) Well, there you are, sir. Your renewed Minnesota driver license.

Customer (as he’s leaving): Wonderful! Thank you! Off to drive home on Highway 65!

Clerk (chuckling darkly to self…..): Meh heh heh heh….

One Comment on “We take you now to the Minnesota DMV.”

  1. tamyrad says:

    I think you may have solved the mystery.

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