Donald Trump = The Music Man.

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I got inspired by a conversation on Democratic Underground this morning.

Remember “The Music Man”? Robert Preston? “Seventy-Six Trombones?” And “Trouble Right Here in River City?”

Image from tumblr

Donald Trump is The Music Man. Professor Harold Hill – a self-proclaimed expert and braggart.

Image from weebly

He’s a con man who stopped by to bilk some money, get some attention, and hit the road before people realized they were being conned. But the story blew up, he’s now fully in the limelight, and he can’t do anything but double down on the con – because there’s no way out that won’t pop the balloon he’s constructed. Unless there’s some scandal or controversy, he has no choice but to pump in more and more hot air to keep the con going.

“There were walls all around
But they never stopped no Mexicans
No, they never stopped them at all
Till there was meeeeee….”

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